A thorough review of Rub Maps and their services

Adult industry in the Internet is extensive – perhaps the biggest overall, actually. In it, some websites choose to host people who provide certain mature services. They are called personals or escort provider. 

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Big websites offer a little of everything, where you can pick your own type of the service and select your own provider based on a number of preferences you may have. Other websites opt to host more specific services. These niche platforms are numerous, quite well-done and more detailed and nuanced in their fields than big services are.

Rub Maps is one of such niche platforms. As the name suggests, they give preference to the people who offer erotic massage and other body rubs services. In many things, this place is similar to the usual platform encountered in this area of the Internet. But in many ways too, it’s unique, nuanced and more effective.

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Rub Maps is a usual case of a classified ads platform. These are very versatile, and they can fit all sorts of business-oriented posts meant to attract customers. What you basically do here is this:

  1. Enter the website
  2. Create a post/ad describing your services
  3. Spice it up with details, settings and preferences
  4. Wait for the people in your location to find it

On the other end of the stick, you basically visit one of these websites and use a simple but sometimes versatile system of sorting to pick a few candidates that fit your job or need exceptionally well. What you sort by is exactly the settings people pick when they create their ads.

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You can imagine how fitting it would be if you were to promote erotic services on one of these. This logic precisely gave birth to Rub Maps, although they probably thought of creating this website looking at listing websites that already had something like this but in a less nuanced way.

In short, on Rub Maps:

  • Providers of massage create ads promoting their services
  • Clients seek these services out by searching through an extensive catalogue

It’s not that easy a task to create a comprehensive and effective system for sorting, especially if you have millions of visitors a year. Rub Maps did an alright job. Let’s see what exactly they did, though.

Rub Maps search system

What you’re going to search here is not ads of individuals promoting themselves as escort providers or other similar professionals. Mostly, you’ll find professional massage salons or personal services advertised through the use of the normal ad posts. Most of them are still not about individuals but about the service itself, which is new.

Regardless of that, let’s trace the usual steps a visitor would take once on the website (considering of course that they meant to browse through the offers). That’s what they would usually do:

  1. Proceed to the front page where many relevant ads would be displayed right away. It’s possible because each user is given an initial location based on their geolocation – it can, however, be changed any time;
  2. Proceed then to either the usual or advanced search settings to pick minor details and narrow down the search for a worthy candidate;
  3. Once all the details are set, start going through the resulting ads
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Search On Rubmaps

The ads in question are not the same as profiles you’d see on most dating websites. The general idea is the same – you set up a piece of information to make yourself known. However, ads are temporary and can be removed and edited at a whim. In addition, they are more about the services themselves than the provider (who is still a key figure).

The search can be conducted in a number of ways, as you probably guess. 

Sorting & searching

Searching for the most fitting and preferred service can be tricky. You can either dive right into it to specify what sort of service you want or take it all lightheartedly and just see who’s near you. Let’s start with the smaller of the two.

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Choose Women That You Like

Location search

Your location – basically, the city or at least a state where you currently are – is everything. It’s an initial and the most important step in this whole affair. Ads can be placed without many details but not without the location. That’s also how you can easily conclude the search.

This approach, however, is also complex. You can either just click on a button labeled ‘near me’ on the header that will give you a list of people close to you on GPS, basically speaking. It’s a lot like Tinder – you just click on the button and the service gives you a number of options seemingly out of air.

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You can also select the location manually if you want to plan ahead or simply bypass the geolocation. It’s done simply by picking the state and then a city within a state in the top part of the search page. And yes, you seemingly can’t pick any other country except America manually.

If you are somewhere else, you can just use the ‘near me’ option and it’ll use your precise location to determine what sort of offers there are nearby. Chances are, however, that there won’t be any, seeing how 99% of the users here are Americans.

Advanced search

The advanced search is where you use all the available parameters offered by the website to narrow your sorting down as much as possible. There are many settings, as you can imagine, so it’s really tempting to spend some time tinkering with the criteria. 

To go here, just click on the ‘advanced search’ button in the same header menu. It’ll take you right where all the magic is done.

Rubmaps Advanced Search
Advanced Search On Rubmaps

Admittedly, there aren’t as many types of parameters as on some other escort services, but each type here comes with excessive subtypes. It will generally be more than enough, don’t you even worry about that. So, let’s just go over each type and see what you can do to make your life easier.

  • Location

Well, you can’t really do anything without this one, obviously. Just to make everything neat and simple, you’re also welcome to specify this little parameter first and foremost. Like anywhere, you’d have to pick a state where you want to see the offers as well as a city inside the state.

The addition feature is the distance away from the city. There are providers who visit their clients, and they are willing to travel some distance across the state to get to you. This setting is for them. If you live near the big city but not quite within the boundaries, use this one.

  • Physical properties

Physical properties of the provider are very much of essence here. This sort of massage doesn’t just entail body rubs in the genital area (as some people think, for some reason). Sometimes, it is just what it entails, but in many cases this service is borderline escort

Search Partner On Rubmaps
Search Partner According Physical Properties

Regardless, you can modify many settings that would determine just what sort of person your provider will be physically, including height, ethnicity and more. There’s still just a minimal amount of settings, because you are expected to go through the ad posts and see the appearances of the candidates yourself.

The providers are usually displayed alongside the conditions in which you’ll be receiving your massage. Still, the settings offered in this menu are more than enough.

  • Business details

Naturally, if you’re trying to negotiate a business deal (which this very much is), you’ll need to know how much it’s going to cost, what payment methods the provider accepts and whether they do incalls, for instance.

Payment-wise, you can set a minimal and maximum threshold per hour or in total. If the providers in your area specified how much pay they want (which they should), they’ll appear in your list of results. The payment methods include Visa, Mastercard and Discovery.

There are also other business details, but much more can be negotiated with the provider directly.

  • Service

As mentioned, this line or work doesn’t just offer massage – there are more services that go in package with what you’d usually expect. There are many types of additional services, and all the standard ones are listed separately. You can pick several at a time or even try a full package to see if everyone does.

Get Relationships On Rubmaps

These additional services don’t include anything out-of-ordinary. Some can include full-on intercourse and some exotic (or not as exotic) practices. You can view the full list on the ‘advanced search’ page, but you’ll probably not know what some of these mean, so be prepared to boot Google while picking what of that you want.

Search results

When all the necessary settings and options are specified, you get to see what offers that fit all these criteria are available in your immediate area.

Ads that do fit be organized in a form of a list and presented to you. This list will at a first glance contain only a fraction of information that will be useful to you. There’ll be a short headline, a portion of description inside, some attributes of the provider, average pay rate as well as rating.

Result Of Dating On Rubmaps
Rubmaps Hookup Site Outcome

If you click on the ad, there’ll obviously be more information.

Namely – most of the stuff you saw in the advanced search menu will be shown in the ad post if the author included it. They are not obligated to include everything. For instance, payment methods might not be specified if they are up to discussion. In this case, you’ll be welcome to call them and negotiate all the nuances.

Most of the time, however, you’ll be dealing with professional establishments, which means that most of the details will have to be specified both for their own sake and because the website said so.

Rating & authorization

Smoothly, we’ve approached the topic of rating and also authorization. 

Many listing services don’t really force you to create an account with them. On many, you can simply view everything there is to the ad without signing up at all. There would always be a phone number just lying around in open access. You would be able to dial them at any time, provided the phone isn’t disabled.

On Rub Maps, you’ll be able to do most of that, but if you want to use some specific website capabilities, you’ll have to create an account. One of these special (and highly useful) features is the rating system.

Authorization On Hookup Site
High Rated Rubmaps Hookup Site

If you have an account with Rub Maps, you’ll be able to rate the person’s performance. That’s obviously how you understand which provider is doing their job better, as well as determine an optimal cost/performance ratio. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? The only problem is that you’ll need to authorize not just to leave these reviews but also to see them.

So, unless you want to divulge some information and create an account (it’s not really long, but some people are uncomfortable with doing that for the wrong reasons), you won’t know which of your providers are good and which are bad. You’re pretty much handicapped and will have to rely on their word almost alone.

Other uses

There are also other benefits of having an account on this website. One of the most prominent is that you get to leave ads about your business. Without being signed up prior, you won’t be able to so much as think about creating an ad there.

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Our Users

Therefore, each time someone creates an account, the last instance is verifying your age. Here, you’ll have to be at least 21 to be completely free to roam around and post about your massage business. You’ll have to submit some proper evidence, because some of the services featured here include sex. And if you aren’t of age, you are part of illegal prostitution which both the authorities and the website won’t like.

The other use is the ability to inform staff about your problems. If you have a problem, you won’t be able to fully address it unless you have a fully verified account.