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This is an article about Asian Massage and the Happy Ending massage. I have come here to talk about Asian Massage Parlors and the My Happy Ending massage.

Massage parlors have been around for years but they just haven’t had many “happy ending” massage treatments. In fact most massages at a happy ending massage parlor seem to be more about the massage itself than they are about the endorphins.

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When I was in high school many of my friends would go to the local Asian massage parlor for a “stress-busting” session,.

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The AMPs in North America (especially in the west) are very similar to their Asian counterparts. They are usually located inside of old dilapidated buildings that look really unappealing.

A typical Asian Massage Parlor will consist of a small open entry area with a tiny little window, some tables and maybe a tv.

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Most of the time the front door is locked because many new York city massage parlors want customers to pay by the minute instead of by the hour. Some of these new York city massage parlors also have hot tubs and saunas.

Another aspect of Asian massages is that they use oil. The Asian massage parlor will burn the fat off of your body with the help of the hot oil.

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This helps eliminate the “love handles” that are common among many of our obese Americans. These “love handles” can be very hard to get rid of.

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I recommend that whenever you are planning to spend some time in an Asian massage parlor check out the massage therapists and make sure that you get a good massage.