How to Give the Best Women Massage

best women massage

If you want to give the best women massage, you should follow a few tips. First, don’t rush your partner during the massage. Rushing can cause tension and makes you appear uncomfortable. Instead, take your time and try to make your partner feel comfortable. A slow and soothing massage also creates a more enjoyable experience for both of you.

Essential oils are also a good idea for a massage. Some essential oils, such as lavender or mandarin, are soothing to the skin. Other essential oils you can use are coconut oil, almond oil, or eucalyptus. You can also try out different aromas and blends of essential oils.

Before starting a massage, you need to know your client’s preferences. If you’re looking for a softer touch, try massaging the breasts first, then the nipples, and finally the erogenous zone. Massage these parts lightly, and you’ll have a woman who is more receptive to sex.

For a deeper massage, kneading can be an excellent technique. It’s best performed on fleshy areas, such as buttocks and thighs. Be sure to avoid the belly with kneading, though. The technique is similar to that used for making bread. Your partner’s hands will be pressed against her back, which helps stretch tight muscles and loosen tight tissue.

Pregnancy massage is also a great option for women who are expecting. It is safe for the first trimester and is a great way to reduce body aches. It can also help with easing stress and easing muscle tension. Pregnancy massage can also be done by unclothed, depending on the comfort level of the recipient.

Another type of massage is Swedish massage. This type of massage is becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong, and is good for women who have pain in their muscles or are sensitive to touch. The pressure applied during a Swedish massage is meant to help the muscles relax and release knots. The treatment usually lasts 60-90 minutes, depending on the client’s preference.

Another option is to try a massage at a luxury spa. A place like Cowshed Spa in New York has private treatment rooms, eucalyptus steam rooms, and a relaxing space. A massage called Moody Massage is also available in Cowshed, which uses six different moods that range from Knackered to Wild. You can also book a massage online by contacting a massage therapist through Zencare. The service is free, and you can call a masseur directly to book your appointment.